University of Leeds, Neuroscience (Великобритания)

I came to Linkturs to discuss an opportunity to study in the UK after I finish high school in Latvia. I knew the subject I wanted to learn at uni, but I had no idea which universities would be best for me. In Linkturs I got all the information and support I needed to get into the university that suits me best, starting with checking my cover letter to helping with finding an accommodation. If I had any problems or questions Linkturs staff was always ready to help! I always advise all my friends who seek an opportunity to study abroad to contact Linkturs.

Для получения подробной информации по различным вопросам, связанным с образованием за рубежом (программы обучения, страны, стоимость, зачисление, проживание и т.д.) просим записаться на консультацию по телефону +371 29131882 или по электронной почте Первую консультацию предлагаем бесплатно.