Bournemouth University, Marketing Communications (Великобритания)

Thank you “Linkturs” staff for helping and supporting me during the tough period when I had to make very difficult and the most important decision in my life. When I was studying in the Riga Purvciems Secondary School I had read a lot about studying in the UK, but I never thought that application procedure is so difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, I decided that professional advice and guidance would be crucially helpful in order to successfully choose and apply for the right university. Nowadays, there are plenty of agencies available that provide students with professional help in applying for colleges/universities, but Linkturs is the special one. “Linkturs” team members not only provide students with professional guidance and help, they create extremely warm and friendly atmosphere that help students to calm down and enjoy their application procedure. Moreover, “Linkturs” is not the type of an agency that is only seeking to earn some money from guiding students throughout the application procedure and then leave the rest on the student shoulders. “Linkturs” staff will always keep in touch in order to help students in any aspect of their academic life or just to cheer them up during a rainy British day.

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